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The relationship between visitors and owners of the site is regulated by the privacy policy stated on this page. Privacy Policy explains how and for what purpose we collect personal data, what rights visitors of the site have, how we protect them.

What information we collect

We may collect such information about our visitors:

  • The email address that the visitor indicates to receive the mailing
  • Facebook profile (we use Facebook comment plugin on the site)
  • Unique identifier (cookies), language, location (country, city), type of device from which you visit Bankchart. website, age, become, browser and operating system version, device model, network. We obtain this information using a cookie identifier. You have the right to change or prohibit the transfer of such data. To do this, you need to log out of your account in the browser and clear cookies (see browser settings).

In addition, we can collect data that visitors enter using our services (calculators, converters, banking services ratings).

Prostobank Consulting does not collect or process personal data that poses a particular risk to the rights and freedoms of our visitors (ethnic and national origin, health status, political beliefs, administrative or criminal liability, etc.)

To whom we can provide aggregated user data

On the pages of the site installed codes analytics systems Google Analytics and Search Console. Therefore, these systems can use information about visitors (from where the visitor came to the site, how much time he spent on a particular page, from which device he visited the site, etc.)

In addition, the site hosts banner and contextual advertising, so analytical information can be provided to advertising networks, agencies and direct advertisers with whom contracts have been concluded.

Protection of personal information

We respect our readers and customers - everyone who uses our ratings and services reads our articles and news. Therefore, our priority is to protect their personal data. We do our best to make the site for our visitors easy and comfortable, and most importantly - safe. That is why the site uses SSL encryption and the HTTPS protocol; without the consent of the visitor, we do not transfer information about him to other persons and companies; the company's management restricts the access of Prostobank Consulting employees to the personal data of customers and visitors.


We draw your attention to such an important point: this privacy policy applies solely to the data collected by Prostobank Consulting. The data that is collected by our partners and advertisers are governed by their privacy policy. We do not collect information on banking, electronic accounts.

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